Greetings from the Chairman of the Japan Harpsichord Society

To all of our members, 


“Harpsichord Days 2016” was held this past May 14th and 15th and came to a successful close. I am grateful to all those that participated and worked to make it a success. 
In the 5th General Meeting held June 14, amendments to rules regarding changes in member classifications were approved. Though the Society previously consisted of regular, general, and corporate members, after the amendments members will now be classified as members, supporters, and corporate members. In the past, regular members were those who were “involved with harpsichords in a professional capacity, or those studying to do so.” However, after the revisions, members are “those involved with harpsichords, and those in agreement with the purpose of the Society.” With this change, we open ourselves to broader participation from those that love the harpsichord and harpsichord music. 

In addition, in June 2017 we will publish our inaugural “Japan Harpsichord Society Annual Report”. Please look forward to that. 

Keiichi Kubota, Japan Harpsichord Society Chairman 
* The new member classifications will take effect starting April 1, 2017. The Society will once again inform members as to how to change classifications, etc. 


Greetings from 3rd term (2015-) society chairman Keiichi Kubota 


I have accepted the position of chairman for this term. I am not a performer, but rather a researcher of music history, and thus may not be qualified to be chairman. However, during my term I will do all that I can to contribute to the development of the Society. In order to do this, would also like to ask for the help and cooperation of each of our members. 
A draft budget for this year was approved in the 2015 general meeting. The budget included a line item for “publishing an annual report”. In its activities, the Society has held “Harpsichord Days,”  study groups and published newsletters, but publishing a periodical such as an annual report is an absolute must to keep a record of Society activities, announce the research findings of members, and bring harpsichord awareness to society. 
I accepted the position of chairman in the hope that my research activities to date will be of some use in the process of publishing an annual report. Of course, I will also be doing other Society activities, but as this is the most important issue of my term, I will be consulting with the steering committee as we work our way towards publication. I welcome the unreserved opinions and hopes of all members, and humbly ask for your support. 

Greetings from 1st and 2nd term (2011-2015) society chairman Michio Kobayashi 


I have accepted the role of chairman in the Japan Harpsichord Society, despite being wholly incapable and unqualified, apart from my abilities as a performer. I will need the energies of everyone involved with the society, and humbly ask for your help. 

Performers do so much that can only be performed individually, though we also have many things that cannot be done alone. Having associates with whom I can share information on instrument issues, technical issues, performance practices and so forth, I feel as if I no longer need to be alone. 

In addition, for those that play the piano, I am sure I don’t need to tell any of you what an important experience it is to work with performers that play keyboard instruments such as the clavichord, harpsichord, and fortepiano, and help develop the fundamentals of finger movement. 

I believe that the work of this society goes beyond the world of old music, and wish to do this work patiently and steadily, with feet firmly planted and focusing on what can be done now. 

I ask for your wisdom, abilities, and help as I do so. 

About the Japan Harpsichord Society 


Harpsichords have been manufactured and performed in Japan by the Japanese for around seventy years. The Japan Harpsichord Society was started on October 22, 2011 by harpsichord experts, due to growing requests from individuals associated with harpsichords. 

Michio Kobayashi was chosen for two terms as chairman of the organization, followed by Kubota Keiichi for the third term, and the Society is currently led by a steering committee. 

The purpose of the Society is to broaden the reach of harpsichords and harpsichord music through the cooperation and sharing of information between harpsichord performers, manufacturers, technicians, and fans. The Society organizes one event annually, and holds multiple regular meetings throughout the year. 

In addition, in 2017 the Society began publishing an annual report, which includes research papers, book reviews, introductions of musical instruments, and reports. Through this report, newsletters and our website, we are working on broadening the appeal of harpsichords. 

More than 200 members and supporters are currently on our roster. 

To learn more about our Society and for any questions, please feel free to contact us at